Movable system for the casting on site of pipelines.

  •    Infrastructures
  •    2016
  •    Adam City - Oman
  •    Ghantoot Group


P300‬ ‪‎formwork‬ system and ‪‎Simplex‬ support structure for the‪#‎construction‬ of about 200 pipelines (culvert) cast on site. These pipelines, of 3×2 m size and 15 m length, are realized individual or aggregated depending on the needs and serve to drain the water under the road.
Pilosio‬ proposed a formwork system movable on wheels, made with standard elements of the P300 model, and hinged corners and an internal support system with Simplex frames. With one pour the firm makes the side walls and the floor of the pipe/culvert. The modules are of 3 meters.