Who we are

Building a new world

Pilosio is the gold standard for construction sites, as well as temporary structures for maintenance and restoration works. Through the acquisition of the Lama brand, a name synonymous with expertise in the manufacturing of light aluminium scaffolding, mobile towers and structures for maintenance and restoration.

We are able to offer an all-round service based on the expertise of the company’s 200 employees who are dedicated to the fulfilment of the company’s mission, day in, day out. Pilosio offers all this and more, an all-Italian company focused on quality and innovation, providing a full range of services to clients in the field of construction equipment and building yard maintenance since 1961.

Strength. Quality. Discipline. These are Pilosio’s fundamental values, underpinning a dynamic company in continuous growth that has built a reputation for skill, flexibility and customer service in its first 50 years of operation.