High performance of Slabprop 2.0

The new range of SLABPROP 2.0 aluminum props is highly performing, offering a wide range of heights from 1.45 m up to 6.25 m and a very high capacity up to 80 kN according to EN 16031.

The laboratory tests at the Politecnico of Milan (Italy) have confirmed the loads.

This series of aluminum props has an excellent load-to-weight ratio that allows the reduction of the number of props on the construction site. The connecting frames allow fastening the props to each other both to the male and to the female part of each prop, creating a stable and regular frame.

The Slabprop 2.0 props are used with the Slabform formwork system for slabs and for ST50 and ST80 tables and have been used successfully in several construction sites around the world for residential construction and public buildings.