The new SLABPROP 2.0 features a new section, resistant and weight optimized, enhancing the actual Slabprop present into our range of products.

The main improvements of this prop, when compared to the old version, are:

  • Greater range of extraction, varying from 145 cm to 625 cm;
  • Greater capacity with values up to 80 kN (certified according to EN 16031);
  • Connection to truss frames permitted all along the prop, in order to assemble load-bearing towers with high capacity.

This prop is made of aluminum (type 6005A), hence it shows great capacity/weight ratio.

The advantages of this aspect become evident when considering site labour costs. Reduced number of post shores results into immediate formwork related costs cut-off.

It can be used as single post shore, in combination with other props one on top of the other to reach greater heights or connected with truss frames to create shoring towers.

The new SLABPROP 2.0 is totally compatible with SLABFORM and LITEFORM panel system.

The range of products also includes a series of extension props to increase the flexibility of the system. Available lengths are 0.50 – 1.00 – 1.50 meters.

The connecting frames are available in different lengths, from 75 cm to 305 cm. They can be attached to the inner tube or to the outer tube, both sections allow quick connection with the hook.

Bearing towers can be easily assembled flat on the ground.