Pilosio solutions for the Madina Haram expansion project

Yesterday, Pilosio announced the acquisition of a multi-million dollar contract in Saudi Arabia: scaffolding and formwork produced in Udine (Italy) will, in fact, be used for the mammoth expansion project of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. The contract is worth 30 million Euros, the highest ever recorded in the company’s history.
This commission covers only the first phase of the project, which will develop significantly until at least 2020.
Medina will be the most important project in the construction industry worldwide over the coming years; with interventions not only to the expansion of the Prophet’s Mosque and its square (a total surface area of 2 million m2), allowing for the accomodation of 1.2 million faithful, but also to the development of the infrastructure, transport networks and the surrounding buildings.