• Pla aluminum scaffolding



The PLA aluminum frame scaffolding is the most appropriate and specific system for short-term operations such as those involving maintenance, painting and restoration, both for interior and exterior use.

Unlike medium-long term construction sites, these tasks are usually short term and, therefore, the assembly and disassembly operations of scaffolding must be quick, simple and safe not to affect the overall timing of the operation.
The use of the aluminium as main material allows to create elements which do not require surface treatments for protection against atmospheric agents and do not require periodic maintenance.
The reduced weight of components makes them easy to be manually handled improving the assembly and dismantling operations. The use of the aluminium equipment is perfectly suitable to minimize the weight of the provisional structure in special situations such as the restoration of historic buildings with wooden slabs or buildings with antique marble floors and, in general, in every situation that require low pressure on the floors.
The aluminium finishing, aesthetically pleasing, can be easily suited for prestigious places such as churches and historic buildings, as well as in contexts open to the public with works in progress.
Finally, we cannot underestimate the possibility of using small capacity trucks to transport the scaffolding on construction sites and on historic centers.
With the use of some additional accessories, it is possible to convert the P.L.A. façade scaffold in a certified mobile “tower” on wheels, for quicker or special operations.

With double-braced aluminium guardrail: it is a structural element that acts as a stabilizer and facilitates the proper leveling of the scaffold, allows very quick operations of assembly and dismantling, has 4 quick coupling points, a reduced weight and a number of anchoring points.

It uses the same components of the P.L.A. model except for the guardrail: in the ALU SIMPEL model it consists of two horizontal ledgers. At any moment the ledgers can be replaced by double-braced guardrail.


  • Maintenance
  • Restoration
  • Painting
  • Short term intervention
  • Intervention in prestigious environments

• Extremely easy to handle components
• Quick and easy assembly
• Stability guaranteed by braced guardrails
• Ergonomic panels with lifting handles
• System made with few modular components
• Can be converted to mobile tower with the addition of just a few elements