Magnum Evo

Modular formwork system for large areas, MAGNUM EVO represents the ideal solution for large sites and for obtaining high productivity even in the most severe conditions and in the most complex yards.

The high quality of finishing allows obtaining better surfaces and high durability of formworks.
The large dimension panel with a surface of 7.20 m2 uses only 1 tie-rod every 1.8 m2, 1 connection clamp every 3.6 m2 and bar passage with conical bushing ensuring the highest productivity.


  • Modular panels
  • High productivity
  • Highly durable material: steel S275JR
  • High resistance to pressure casting
  • Flexibility guaranteed by the crossbeam profiles guide
  • Wide range of components
  • Versatility for the realization of corner junctions



  • Hot deep galvanized and powder coated: dedicated to anticorrosive protection and aesthetical finishing. The formed layer of steel-zinc alloy deeply protects completely the product, even if its surface is scratched or subjected to severe environmental condition.
  • Painted by immersion: the frame, after a process of degreasing and cleaning is varnished by immersion and dried in the oven 130°. The result is a frame highly resisten to abrasion and oxidation.


  • With the quick dismantling conrner the process is fastened and simplified with
    the use of levers to remove the panel from the concrete surface.

The frame system can be supplied with different plywood panels:

  • 18 mm thick panel of 11 ply of birch with a 1.6 mm plastic coating on both
  • 18 mm thick panel of 12 ply of birch with a 1.6 mm plastic coating on one side
    and a phenolic film protection 220 g/m² on the other side (ZP – Magnum EVO
  • 18 mm thick panel of 13 layers of birch with a phenolic film protection 220 g/m²

Certifications & safety