The base or reinforced panel of 240×300 cm, equal to 7.20 m² uses only 4 bar passages for the contrast tie-rods and just two clamps for connection. Few connection accessories allow creating large reinforced areas to be handled in a single solution single-sided casting up to 7.50 m in height, climbing casting in elevation, castings of walls and pillars up to 9.0 – 10.0 m in height and any other structure cast on site.
The MAGNUM formworks belong to class 7 according to prEN15113-1.
The maximum resistance to pressures of concrete casting is 60 kN/m² for the base version and 100 kN/m² for the reinforced version.


  • Highly modular panels
  • Wide availability of undersized and modifying elements
  • Quick assembly and dismantling
  • high resistance to casting pressure
  • High productivity of the standard panel 240x300 cm
  • Combinable with MINIMAG system
  • Wide range of components
  • High versatility for creating corner junctions


MAGNUM Formwork 240×300, with tie rods inside the panel, and 120×300 cm (including all submeasures ) with large scale outer tie rods with some components.
The base panel 240×300 cm is the most robust of the Pilosio formworks (411 kg), with properties that allow applications up to 100 kN / m².
1tie rod every 1.8 m², 1 connecting block every 3.6 m², bar passage with conical bushing.
In order to garantee high quality standards and durability, the frame in tensile steel, after undergoing the processes of degreasing and cleaning, is dip painted and oven dried at 130 °. The result is a frame highly resistant to abrasion and oxidation.
The multi-layer/plywood panel is 18 mm thick with phenolic film surface protection (220 g / m²). Consisting of 13 layers of birch the protective panel has a moisture absorption of zero . The edges are protected with paint and can be used up to 100 times per side. It weighs 11.35 kg / m².
The formwork system MAGNUM is designed and built in Pilosio workshops in accordance with prEN 15113-1 / 206 “Vertical formwork – Part 1 performance requirements, general design and assessment.”

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