The T76 and T120 roofs are light, functional structures, designed both to protect constructions sites from the weather and to safeguard the surrounding environment from any dispersal of
material from the works, improving the performance and safety of workers.

This is a modular, double-pitched roof system made of aluminum girders covered with PVC sheet covering to protect any type of site.
These roofs can be fixed both on multidirectional, prefabricated frames and on wall or tower structures and are installed using any hoisting system. It is possible to combine the roofs with vertical partitions fixed on the scaffolding to create a completely enclosed environment.
A protected construction site is not subject to delays due to bad weather.
For specific requirements, the roof can also be made with single pitch to protect archaeological digs or urban work sites.


  • Compatible with all scaffolding not only Pilosio
  • Manual or motorized sliding system
  • Fast installation thanks to the patented coupling system 'Quick System'
  • Ideal for protecting worksites from weather


  • Main structure consists of modular support beams in double layered aluminum , with a 15 °inclination. Beam height is of 76 cm and 120 cm, connected with stiffeners to a braced frame at fixed intervals of 2.50 m. The T76 cover facilitates spans from 8.9 to 26.3 m, while the T120 of spans from 8.9 to 40.0 m. Larger coverage can be realized with the support of the Pilosio technical office.
  • Horizontal and diagonal braces and stiffeners in aluminum tubes of ø 48 mm, equipped with QUICK SYSTEM , the exclusive patented quick coupling system.
  • Tarpaulin in PVC coated polyester thread 650 g / m², class 2 fire resistant.
  • The fabric is anchored to the terminal elements of the cover through a practical system of tubes and ratchet tensioners.
  • Possibility of creating vertical mantle, fixed on the support scaffolding, made from the same material as the cover to obtain a completely enclosed structure.
  • Possibility of rollers on tracks for the lateral and transversal movement of the cover.


  • Roof repairs
  • Restoration and archaeological sites
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Ship building or maintenance
  • Video and photographic shoots
  • Temporary warehouses and storage facilities
  • Entertainment Sector

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