• Tube & Couplers


Tube and coupler

The tube and fitting scaffolding system is the precursor of all steel scaffolding and is extremely flexible.

The different types of couplers used to connect the tubes through rigid and orthogonal or swiveling connections allow the execution of any geometry.
The standard Pilosio’s Tube and Fitting scaffolding comply with the Italian Standards, owning its own approval for both maintenance and construction works.

  • Building restoration
  • For supporting structures
  • Reinforcing unsafe structures
  • Integrate with multidirectional and frame scaffolding to make unusual structures or to reinforce basic schemes
  • Maximum load150 kg /m² (maintenance) and 300 kg / m² (construction), according to the authorization framework
  • Steel tubes of ø 48.3 mm and 3.2 mm thick with standard lengths from 60 cm to 600 cm
  • Universal joints with yellow zinc plating
  • Coated or hot dip galvanizing