It is a security lightweight formwork for traditional and cast in site slabs, it has been designed with the purpose to increase safety on site, improve productivity and reduce slab implementation times.

The system is especially suited for residential construction with rafter and hollow block slabs but it is also suitable for monolithic concrete slab.
Safe (it is assembled from below), handy and easy to be assembled (aluminium panels are very light), modular and highly productive, LITEFORM is the reinforcement system for slabs ideal for small and medium-companies for any type of slabs.


  • Total safety during the assembling phase
  • A modular system that's easy to assemble
  • With a few components numerous layouts can be created
  • Modifying frames allow any size to be reached
  • Special drop head allows optimization of materials
  • System adaptable to any prop


Suitable for monolithic slabs up to 26 cm thick (unmilled) and traditional brickwork floors .
The expected loads can range from 4.5 to 7.0 kN / m² with values for a single prop 9 to 15 kN. It includes the use of props Class B or Class D (according to regulation EN 1065).
It is possible to use the Liteform heads with any kind of prop.
A special coupling device prevents accidental exit of the prophead.
Given the size of the frames, 200×100 cm, a minimal amount of props is sufficient (1 every 2 m² ) significantly reducing the material to be handled compared to traditional shuttering.

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