Heavy Duty MP Towers

In the case of high capacity, it is possible to use support structures with high capacities to reinforce slabs, beams or any other structure cast at a height, carried out with components of the MP multidirectional scaffolding combined with a series of accessories.

Each vertical element consists of 4 MP vertical standards connected to each other by a lower and upper frame.The elements so carried out are connected four by four to build the tower.
Capacity of base module: 200 kN for each vertical element, equal to 800 kN for the whole tower.
Higher capacities are possible: check with Pilosio’s technical department.
All standard components of the MP scaffolding system are used, combined with lower and upper frames and adjusting screws, for the creation of support structures with high capacity. The vertical elements constituted by 4 standards are spaced 17×17 cm and can be combined to create towers or walls of various sizes depending on specific needs.
The great flexibility of design and the MP multidirectional scaffolding hold, combined with various accessories allows the creation of structures of any kind both for supporting horizontal surfaces and brackets for unloading material, and for structures supporting formworks for castings at a height.
By using bases and adjustable forks, the towers can also be used as a temporary contrast for works to stabilize structures under construction.
The structure can be combined with service stairs for an easy access at high altitude.

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