MP support structures

MP support structures: different support structures can be built with different components of the MP multidirectional scaffolding and with a specific set of accessories: suitable for the reinforcement of slabs, beams or any other structure cast at a height.

The vertical elements and horizontal connections consist of elements of MP multidirectional scaffolding. The availability of many sizes of components allows creating structures of any size.
The tower with 0.83×0.83 m or 1.15×1.15 m square base allows capacities up to 50 kN for each vertical standards for a total of 200 kN for each tower. The modularity of this type of structure allows solving any problem on site, both of capacity and of geometry. It is possible to increase the capacities by doubling the standards, to carry-out structures with curvilinear bases: with triangular base or any other shape, to climb obstacles and also create supports for structures with negative or positive slope.
Pilosio’s technical department is available to solve any structural need.
By using bases and adjustable forks, the towers can also be used as a temporary contrast for works to stabilize structures under construction.
The structure can be combined with service stairs for an easy access at high altitude.

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