Down Double Guiding

The trenchlining system DOWN DOUBLE GUIDING is design to secure ditch excavations up to 5.80 m in depth and 5.00 m in width in particularly complex work conditions thanks to an easy system to extract the panels from the soil.

It is suitable for continuous ditches with friable soil and easily subject to landslides or in presence of ground- water tables and it is installed during excavation works to protect the ditch and prevent ditch walls from crumbling down: this allows a safe excavation both for workers and for the surrounding environment. It is ideal for excavations contiguous areas with passage of heavy vehicles, for heavy traffic roads or close to other buildings and historic downtown areas.
Soil thrust resistance: 45 kN/m²

The double guide system facilitates the removal of the panels in case of soils subject to landslides and in presence of water.
The double guide with slots allows positioning the support screw-downs at the desired height to facilitate all tasks at the bottom of the excavation.
The free clearance in height between the bottom and the first spacer can reach up to 2.50 m allowing the installation of large size elements and working comfortably in the ditch with free clearance from 1.50 to 5.00 m.
For conduits installed in place, it is possible to use the DOWN formwork as an external casting containment tool with related overhead cost savings.
It is possible to build a square trenchlining system using corner guides.


  • Ideal for soft ground
  • Continuous thrust of the jet
  • A Simple and safe system



  • Base panel 315×230 cm (739 kg), 415×230 cm (942 kg).
  • Super elevation panels 315×120 cm (464 kg), 415×120 (585 kg).
  • Double-acting flanged screw-down with extensions of 50 cm and 100 cm.
  • Ditch width from 1.10 m to 5 m.
  • Soil thrust resistance 45 kN/m².
  • Continuous thrust yes

The portal, comprising the two guides connected to each other through spacer screw-downs is inserted into the excavation area. Then the panels are made slide to the right and to the left. The DOWN DOUBLE GUIDING system allows positioning the panels at different heights, by making them slide into the proper guides. The extraction stage of the panels is carried out first by lifting the deepest panels: during this operation the upper panels always ensure the retaining of the soil. Finally, the upper panels are extracted and the portal with guides and screw-downs is extracted.

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