• Climbing system


Climbing systems

Pilosio’s CLIMBING SYSTEMS with mechanical handling enable vertical construction joints to be created in succession without the use of scaffolding and combines with all the following formwork systems MINIMAG, P300, MAGNUM, MAGNUM EVO, SVELT and MAXIMIX.
The use of climbing systems ensures significant optimisation of time and resources: the solutions offered, in fact, enable the simultaneous handling of formwork and work levels firmly connected together. The Pilosio work phases progamm enables a high safety level of execution.
Close collaboration between Pilosio and the designers, the construction firms, the safety managers and the operators allows finding the necessary parameters and details in order to identify the appropriate solution for each specific requirement.
The Pilosio climbing support bracket system is divided into three main groups:
• standard climbing brackets
• single-sided casting system
• rail guided climbing system PRG

Climbing bracket 150A is fixed to the concrete firmly by means of climbing cones. Two or more brackets are connected to each other with pipes and couplers. A platform is formed on the brackets. Climbing bracket 150A and wall formworks can be lifted by crane together or separately.


This CLIMBING BRACKET 240 cm allows a wide range of flexibility according to building geometries. Typically used in construction sites that require working platforms to support double-sided panel formworks.
Its main features are :
• great width of main platform 2.40 m width, which allows working space even when formwork panels are retracted;
• the bracket is designed in order to erect formworks with heights up to 5.5 m;
• the carriage can slide back of 75 cm to ensure enough space to install concrete rebars and clean formwork surface;
• a large distance between the climbing brackets can be achieved (27.5 m2 formwork surface area is possible with only 2 climbing brackets);
• thanks to their strong structure permitted loads are equal to 300 kg/m2 on main platform, 150 kg/m2 on concreting platform and 75.0 kg/m2 on lower bridge;
• the suspension shoe allows easy connection of the bracket to the concrete wall;
• the climbing bracket 240 is tiltable;
• Pilosio timber beams PL20 can be used as main beams to create the main working level.
The formwork is firmly connected to the supporting bracket and the whole assembly can be lifted together as a unit with cranes.
The system consists of the climbing bracket itself, the wall strut, the lower bridge and guard rails.
The anchoring to the concrete structure can be achieved with anchor plates casted in the previous pouring and recoverable steel cones and screws, or with fully recoverable anchor devices according to site requirements and conditions.
This supporting bracket is fully compatible with all vertical formwork systems supplied by Pilosio, both steel framed formwork panels (MINIMAG, P300, MAGNUM e MAGNUM EVO) and MAXIMIX system.

System designed for the construction of containment walls, largescale hydraulic operations and all those works where anchorage to common systems is not possible because of the large wall sections to be constructed. The system was devised in order to ensure the concrete casting load-bearing capacity by means of its own system
of anchorage to the previous concrete structure. Through-holes are not present in this case. One of the important features of the system is that all parts are carried together by crane in one go.