• Maximix



MAXIMIX is a formwork system of PL20 wooden beams that enables the construction of large sized panels and of geometrical shapes of any type, with high capacity and limited weight.

The MAXIMIX beam formwork system enables the system modularity, defined during the design phase, to be adapted to the various requirements of the construction site, satisfying even the most complex geometrical and architectural requirements. It is especially recommended for large infrastructure works where large surface modules can be assembled on site, maximising the site’s productivity, given the large volumes to produce.
In particular, the system can be designed for very high pressures of fresh cement.
Perfect for “exposed faces” using self-compacting concrete (SCC) with the option to choose cladding to meet the most stringent design specification.
Pilosio’s technical department is available from the design phase onwards to devise the optimum use of the MAXIMX depending on the requirements of the project and the problems on the construction site (equipment, casting specifications, re-use of materials, etc.) providing a detailed plan of the work phases. In addition, Pilosio offers the following services: assistance in starting work on the construction site, technical training of personnel and safety courses.

  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Major infrastructure
  • Containment walls
  • Industrial plants
  • Exposed concrete castings
  • Single-sided castings
  • Residential complexes

The MAXIMX system is based on three main components: PL20 wooden beams, horizontal braces and mantle coating in plywood.
PL20 beams in pinewood, with head protected by plastic element
Size: Length: 2.45; 2.65; 2.90; 3.30; 3.90; 4.90; 5.90 m

The MAXIMIX system mantle coating is chosen according to the project specifications.
The Pilosio standard provides:
a panel in Finnish birch plywood from 4 mm to 21 mm, with phenol film protection 220 g /m² on both sides.
WISA®-Form Elephant: plywood panel 18mm, protective finish on both sides in 1.6 mm plastic, with light gray, water-resistant paint finish to the sides.

Inoltre si combina perfettamente con la gamma di accessori ausiliari Pilosio: mensole di sostegno rampanti, travi di contrasto, torri ad alta portata.
Steel beams in varying sizes, from 50 cm up to 300 cm, with modular holes to allow any kind of layout to be realised ad hoc.

The possible integration of modifying elements means that highly complex and irregular layouts can also be formed .
The MAXIMIX formwork system is provided with all components, such as service panels, corner beams, aligners and carpentry elements to reinforce corners, tie rods and connecting elements.
It also combines perfectly with the Pilosio auxiliary range of components: buttress support brackets, cross beams , high capacity towers.