Picad Formwork

3D Models and design software: Picad Formwork

PICAD Formwork is design software for the application of Formwork both for walls and floors in 3D mode. Depending on the constructions to be created, it works out how to deploy the Pilosio formwork, automatically creating the overall technical drawing and those for the work phases required.

PICAD Formwork has no limits in design and is able to provide drawings and specifications for work phases and the overall quantity of material required to carry out all the phases.

For the most complicated, specific techniques, the designer can intervene manually at any time by entering all the components, making use of the CAD commands.

It is possible to design starting from existing 3D models, plans, photographs and elevations, uploaded via the CAD.

With the use of PICAD Formwork software, it is possible to design:

  • Formwork for Walls
  • Formwork for Lift Shafts
  • Formwork for Pillars
  • Formwork for retaining walls
  • Formwork for floors
  • Complex and non-standard structures

PICAD Formwork provides:

  1. A list of the total elements and by Phase
  2. Design by Phases
  3. Weights and volumes, total and by Phases
  4. Overall technical drawings, views and sections
  5. Assembly diagrams
  6. Rendering
  7. Dynamic graphical presentations