Picad scaffolding

Picad scaffolding and 3d model

Is a software that allows 3D design simulation of any type of Pilosio scaffolding, meeting all the construction requirements:

  • MP multidirectional scaffolding and Tube & Joint
  • Scaffolding with prefabricated K-KZ, PE and SE frames
  • Covers
  • Structures for entertainment, stages, grandstands and covers

PICAD allows the rapid creation of:

  • Outline designs for sales and hire estimates automatically creating the specification
  • Project designs with construction assembly diagrams
  • Draft calculations

PICAD was designed for professional use and does not replace the expertise of the design technician, but it is also easy to use for those with basic technical knowledge. It provides suitable tools to facilitate, improve and accelerate the process of designing standard structures or specific applications.

PICAD generates:

  • overall designs, designs of individual façades or sections
  • specification of the total components or for individual façades with weights and volumes
  • assembly sheets and diagrams
  • DXF output for each calculation programme and structural verification, output for solid modelling and rendering.