Waste to energy plant

Pilosio solution



Job site with significant and ever evolving issues. Tight response time in terms of design and equipment supply.


   Torino - Italy

P300 formworks with climbing formworks
Use of a P300 formworks system for a series of walls 40 meters high and 55 meters long, with climbing formworks to create all the vertical walls of the waste and slag pits.
Climbing workforms
The use of climbing workforms allowed building walls in stages of 4 meters each with significant speed. A cart model was used to allow maintaining the P300 scaffolding always consistent with the climbing workforms and thus move it like a single unit to the next upper level.
Counter beams
Use of counter beams combined with the P300 formworks for the construction of all “single face” walls of the slag pit, which, for design reasons, could not be built with the traditional “double-face” method.

MP system for complex design choices

Service stairs. Along with MP scaffold approximately ten service stairs have been manufactured with aluminium steps to gain easy access to the work surfaces also at the significant height of 40 meters.
Slab support structures. The MP system was used to support a portion of the ceilings at 22.50 meters of height to achieve the required flexibility to manage the various size combinations and the need to reach ceilings also at a height of 25 meters.
Hi-load capacity towers. The MP system allowed solving also the problem of supporting significant and concentrated loads. Six 11-meter shoring towers were built to withstand a concentrated weight of 130 tons per tower.
Counter struts for walls. An additional support structure specifically designed by Pilosio’s technical office using the MP system to create counter struts. The need was to stabilize temporarily a 17.5 meter free wall up to the moment of building the covering. The counter struts were fastened to the only free areas of the slab and they stabilized the 1000 square meter wall from a height of 22.5 meters up to a height of more than 40 m.
T28 Towers. With this system it was possible to support all hi-load slabs that had linear size characteristics and simple shape.