Bridge construction

Pilosio solution



The MAXIMIX formwork system with wooden beams was chosen by the customer to make the “T” girders, 2.40m tall made of self-compacting concrete, upon which the road itself would be built.

MAXIMIX enables the construction of large sized panels and of geometrical shapes of any type, with high capacity and limited weight. It is particularly suitable for large-scale infrastructure work, where large surface modules can be assembled on-site, maximizing site productivity. In particular, the system can be designed for very high pressures of fresh cement and by varying the distance between the PL20 wooden beams and steel beams, the scale of the module can be adapted to the needs of the project.

SIMPLEX tables were chosen for the support system, with an average height of 5.80m, guaranteeing a capacity of 200kN per tower. Among the Pilosio shoring systems, this is the most convenient in situations where the soil is fairly even. SIMPLEX is an extremely rapid table system for in-situ casting of concrete slabs, especially suited for remarkable heights and loads in the construction of infrastructures and large buildings. The Table handling device requires only two operators and allows setting up and stripping operations to be done simply and quickly.

MP HD towers
The MP heavy-duty towers served, instead, to support the heavy girder, specifically designed for making underpasses that allow the passage of existing roads and waterways.
In this project, the height of the towers is 4.80 m. Each vertical element of the high capacity MP HD Towers consists of 4 MP uprights connected to each other by a lower and upper frame: each column therefore having a capacity of 200kN, equivalent to 800Kn per tower.


   - Mozambique