Flash 2.2.1. Hybrid


The new 105 aluminum hybrid scaffolding for construction and maintenance works.

  • Made with the EN AW 6082 T6 special aluminium alloy with high mechanical characteristics.

Flash 2.2.1. Hybrid is an innovative frame scaffolding that meets the most frequent needs with logical and intuitive solutions:


  • Metric modularity: thanks to the 2-meter pitch the calculation of spans is simplified and the number of pieces to handle is deceased;
  • 1-meter work surface, wider and more comfortable than the ones avalable on the market;
  • Hybrid:
    • Maintenance scaffolding (load capacity 150kg/m²)
    • Construction scaffolding (load capacity 300kg/m²)
  • The removable spigot makes the frame less bulky when storing, loading and handling the frames;
  • Flash 2.2.1 Hybrid has mobile pins that are used only when the wall side guardrail is required, leaving more space and less obstacles for the workers;
  • The lover transom of the Flash 2.2.1. Hybrid frame can be removed when needed. This allows the steel planks to be removed even when the scaffold is already set up;
  • When there are no steel planks, it’s possible to mount an orizontal brace to reinforce the scaffolding.

Technical Data

  • Frame dimensions: 100 x h 200cm
  • Pitch: 200cm
  • Aluminium alloy EN AW 6082T6
  • Capacity:
    • Class 2: 150kg/m² (up to 22m of work height)
    • Class 4: 300kg/m² (up to 12m of work height)
  • Duble steel guardrail
  • 50x200cm steel planks
  • Steel plank with trapdoor 50x200cm and ladder
  • Removable knurled aluminuim spigot with 10mm spring pin
  • Toe-board h 15cm high in galvanized steel
  • Certified according to UNI EN 12810-1:2004 e 12811-1:2004