ESP 1500


  • ESP – 1500 is a large job site hoist with a maximum load capacity of up to 1500 kg.
  • It is ideal for large new constructions, industrial complexes, or renovations where the vertical handling of bulky and heavy materials and the transfer of a large number of people is required.
  • The ESP 1500 was designed and manufactured to offer the best sturdiness. Given its size and capacity, it is intended for heavy-duty use on the largest job sites. For this reason, the materials used and the treatments applied. The construction type greatly limits maintenance work or component wear and tear, making it a long-lasting and reliable machine.
  • The ESP 1500 is the ideal solution for many types of operations, from new constructions to renovations and industrial maintenance, and more in general, as a way to vertically access large structures and infrastructures where large load volumes and high capacities are required.
  • The ESP 1500 job site hoist has an ascent speed of 30 m/min, making transferring people and materials fast and safe. The control panel in the cabin makes it easy to use since it is equipped with simple and intuitive controls to ascend and descend.
  • The vertical trellises are quickly and safely assembled thanks to a fully protected pull-out platform. The use of an optional manual or electric crane makes the handling of vertical trellises easier.
  • The design of the lifting unit was optimized to achieve maximum smooth sliding while ensuring long service life and minor wear and tear of its components.


  • It features the possibility of transporting bulky and heavy objects and equipment as well as a large number of people at height
  • The opening system of the cabin doors facilitates the loading and unloading of materials and people at floor level
  • Safe work – the hoist is equipped with security devices, and limit switches that prevent operation when the doors are open or in case the landing doors on the floor are open
  • It allows manual descent in case of a power outage
  • It can be installed directly on the building or on scaffolding
  • Lower cost impact on the job site profitability
  • Faster intervention time due to the ascent speed
  • It makes the transfer of personnel to the various heights fast and safe, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity
  • It can also be used as a rescue vehicle to transport personnel ill or injured to the ground and, in some cases, is the only mean of transportation from one floor to another.
  • It can be easily handled with forklifts but is also equipped with special hooks for safe lifting with cranes or other lifting equipment.

Technical Data

Three-phase power supply: 400V
Lifting speed: 30m/min (persons and material)
Number and power of motors: 2 x 7.5kW

Car length (m) 3,0
Car width (m) 1,4
Car height (m) 2,1
Max. load capacity (kg) 1500
Maximum height anchored (m) 150
Anchorages distance (m) 6
Vertical element height (m) 1,5
Vertical element weight (m) 43