SE 105-180


  • The SE H-frame scaffolding is designed to meet specific safety requirements, allowing the worker to work safely even without the use of PPE
  • This particular H-frame scaffold is equipped with special railings that can be assembled directly from the level below, so when the worker reaches the next level this will already be safe.
  • Ideal for construction sites with large working heights and inexperienced workers.


  • Possibility of working without PPE
  • The guardrails are attached to the frames directly from the lowest level, thus ensuring safe access to the next level.
  • The guardrails are very light and easy to handle
  • Designed to limit assembly efforts
  • Ideal for ‘prestige’ building sites thanks to the galvanised finish and special design

Technical Data

  • H-frame
  • Double guardrails
  • Maximum load capacity 300kg/m², with 105cm wide frames and 180cm centre distance between frames
  • Steel tubes for uprights Ø 48.3mm and 2.9mm thick
  • Steel tubes for beams and diagonals Ø 26.9mm and 2.3mm thick