• COSMOS is a medium-light load capacity self-climbing mast work platform with a maximum load capacity of 3800 kg.
    It is easy to handle, assemble and dismantle.
  • Its use is highly intuitive and simply operates by moving a joystick on the control panel. COSMOS is the ideal solution for lifting and working on facades, and thanks to its versatility, it is ideal both for companies and renters. The COSMOS platform has a standard 1.25-meter-wide walkway. With the use of the optional wall extensions, it can reach up to 2.00 meters of overhang towards the wall, overcoming significant projections such as terraces and balconies of considerable depth.
  • This allows the operators to carry out their operations at the ideal distance and with maximum safety. The COSMOS platform is designed for maximum job site efficiency to reduce installation and dismantling time while decreasing costs and increasing productivity.


  • It does not require design for each installation
  • The unique floor landing system consists of a landing ramp controlled by an electric limit switch that prevents the machine from moving if the ramp is open. The opening can only occur intentionally by operating a spring lever.
  • Reduced costs due to machine versatility and single- or dual-column configuration options
  • Safe operation – the machine is fully protected
  • Both materials and personnel can be loaded onto the platform, allowing greater efficiency and faster execution time
  • The operators work more ergonomically since they can stop the platform at the exact point where they need to work
  • Interchangeable components for optimal equipment management
  • Fewer components to stock, less storage space, and lower transportation costs.
  • It can be easily handled with forklifts but is also equipped with special hooks for safe lifting with cranes or other lifting equipment.

Technical Data

Min – max length: 12.6m – 32.1m (2.8m – 11.8m in single-column version)
Max. load capacity: 3800kg (1900kg in single-mast version)
Number and power of motors: 4 x 3kW (2 x 3kW in single-mast version)

Max. width (m) 1,25 + 0,95 standard (+ 2 optional)
Lifting speed (m/min) 8
Maximum height anchored (m) 150
Anchorage distance (m) 6
Vertical element height (m) 1,49
Vertical element weight (m) 49
Three-phase power supply (V) 400