Light panel formwork


  • The lightweight MINIMAG panels are easy to handle and can be erected quickly by hand.
  • Minimag is flexible and ideal for small and medium job sites.
  • Thanks to its clever grid of panels MINIMAG can be used with a smaller number of wooden fillers.


  • Strong connection with an aligning clamp: large panel areas can be lifted as one in a single crane operation
  • Can be used both vertically and horizontally
  • Six width dimensions for easy planning and forming
  • Large range of practical and safe accessories to meet a variety of project needs

Technical Data

  • Frame height: 120 mm
  • Frame finishing: hot-dip galvanized
  • Maximum pour pressure admissible: 60 kN/m2
  • 2 tie-rods per 3 m height
  • 2 clamps per 3 m height for connecting and aligning
  • Standard weight: 32 kg/m2