Extremely versatile steel panel formwork


  • P300 is an extremely versatile steel panel formwork for crane assisted forming.
  • It offers a highly efficient solution for all sizes of projects as well as switching to gang forming with no additional hardware.


  • Entire pre-assembled units can be lifted into place by crane
  • A clever grid of panel widths means less use of wood fillers
  • P300 shaft corners facilitate simple and rapid forming as well as stripping of shafts
  • P300 universal panels are ideal for forming cross-sections of columns in 5cm increments, so there is no need for an additional column formwork system at the site
  • Longer service life due to the robust, galvanized steel frame profile.

Technical Data

  • Frame height: 100 mm
  • Frame finishing: hot-dip galvanized
  • Maximum pour pressure admissible: 60 kN/m(80 kN/m2 for columns)
  • 3 tie-rods per 3 m height
  • 2 clamps per 3 m height for connecting and aligning
  • Plywood thickness: 18 mm
  • Standard weight: 37 kg/m2