• QS

    Flexible, stable and easy-to-assemble aluminum mobile tower



The QS (Quick System) mobile tower system efficiently meets the need to simplify operations on site in total safety while optimizing turnaround times and labor costs.

The Quick System is not only a mobile work tower but also a mobile scaffolding system that makes it possible to create complex structures and special configurations with just a few components.

It is made of high quality aluminum alloys that have been tested and certified for elevated heights and provide long lasting structural performance.

The QS tower is a lightweight system making it extremely fast and intuitive for even a person on their own to assemble, thanks to the QUICK SYSTEM connection hooks made to an exclusive Pilosio design.

All this makes QS the perfect scaffolding system for general industrial maintenance, painting and plant engineering, whether indoors or outdoors.

  • Indoor and outdoor civil and industrial maintenance
  • Restoration projects
  • Special applications in the nautical, aeronautical, petrochemical and aerospace fields
  • Structures for the shooting of videos
  • Structural aluminum alloy
  • Stringers at 25 cm or 50 cm steps allows flexibility in the positioning of work platforms
  • Standards, transoms, ledgers, diagonals and guardrails made of structural aluminum tubes with a diameter of 48 mm
  • Ladder integrated in the side frame
  • Stairway options
  • Fixed, swivel or adjustable wheels certified according to the European standard EN 1004
  • Three ladder widths 80 cm, 110 cm, 140 cm and three lengths 180 cm, 240 cm, 300 cm to create a variety of configurations and special structures
  • Telescopic guardrail for assembly to ensure maximum safety during set up without the use of restraining PPE