• T74 T110 Event



Single pitch covering system, practical and easy to be assembled, consisting of modular beam in aluminium and sheet in PVC for entertainment and events.

The modular structure of the covering, which can be combined with the MP multidirectional system, is used to fasten the lighting and sound systems and is used as a covering of the stage against the weather.
The covering is lifted by a motor winch or manually in case of coverings with small dimensions.
The structure with a single pitch can be cantilevered to protect tribunes, flight steps, and stages with the addition of a supplementary beam for the connection to multidirectional wall.


  • The main structure consists of modular aluminium beams with single pitch of 74 cm or 110 cm in height, creating a lattice with mesh of 200×250 cm and stiffeners with quick connections diagonals. The beams have an upper guide profile for housing the PVC sheet
  • Uprights, diagonals, bracings and stiffening in 48 mm tubular aluminium with a unique quick hooking system patented as QUICK SYSTEM that reduces installation time. The uprights and diagonals are placed in a lower position than the coverings to prevent irregularities in the coverage
  • Stiffening diagonals provided over the entire structure to allow a high load capacity over the entire surface
  • Front maximum size 2400 cm (or multipleof 200 cm) , minimum depth 750 cm and maximum depth 2000 cm
  • Quick assembly by using pins
  • Structure lifting through 4-B motorized winches
  • Sheet consisting of a filling of coated polyester in 650 g/m2, PVC, fireproof Class 2 with reinforced perimeter curbs treated with anti-freeze and with end pockets to insert the fastening and pulling pipes
  • Individual cover sheets 200 cm wide for a very quick handling
  • The covering capacity varies depending on the size and can increase with the doubling of beams
  • For higher capacity and different dimensions, contact the Technical Department of Pilosio