• Stages



MP multidirectional structures for stages with standard modules with dimensions of 200×200 cm and 200×100 cm and a height of 130 cm which can be combined at will. Walkway surface both with 200×100 cm stage boards in non-slip and class 1 fireproof plywood, with both beams and large wood board.

The stage is provided with access stairs. The height of the stage can be changed by using stringers with different sizes.
Opportunity to have rails carried out both with standard uprights of MP multidirectional scaffolding, and with a single closing element.
Pilosio stages can be equipped with lateral, single or double walls, with different heights created with MP multidirectional scaffolding,
connected directly to the stage, in order to allow hooking the motors for lifting the covering and the audio system. In addition, the walls can be obscured and protected with PVC sheets fixed to the structure through proper guides and clamps in aluminium.


Towers for audio and lighting system are manufactured with MP multidirectional modules with dimensions of 200×200 cm and 250×250 cm and adjustable heights depending on the needs of the event. It is necessary to perform a static check of the towers depending on the load used and location where it will be placed.

Towers are carried out with MP structure with base module of 250×250 cm and 250×200 cm which allows using standard boards with dimensions of 33×250 cm and boards with trapdoors with dimensions 250 cm and 200 cm including a set of stairs to access the direction floors. Towers with different dimensions and heights are available depending on the needs.

Pilosio equipment for the entertainment industry has been designed in compliance with applicable standards and the New Technical Standards for construction dated January 14, 2008,
Table 3.1.11, European standards for structural design: Euro code3, Euro Code 9.