• MP Access stairway system

    safe and sturdy scaffold access structure


MP Access stairway system

The use of on-site service stairs with 150 cm high platform enables very easy access and movement between floors with ample maneuvering space.

As an added safety feature wide passageways means stairs can be used to evacuate the scaffolding should the need arise. Access stairs leave work floors unobstructed for other use.

The geometric and dimensional specifications of the H150 staircase, with the addition of suitable system components, permit its use as a prefabricated staircase solution open to the public, safe and quickly assembled.

  • Worksites
  • Public access
  • Emergency stairways
  • Staircases comprised of stringers and stair treads with 150 cm, 200 cm or 250 cm widths
  • Stair tower ground plan 3.00 m x 5.50 m
  • Guardrail height of 1.10 m
  • Maximum permissible live load 4.00 kN/m2, guardrail load up to 2.00 kN/m
  • The geometric dimensions of the platform meet the regulation standards for prefabricated staircases open to the public (UNI EN10804)