Pilosio operates a global strategy from a local base, strongly committed to its Italian roots, investing in trusted people and sound projects.

Quality, safety and innovation are key values for the company, ensuring total safety for workers and the optimization of schedules and costs on site.

Cutting edge solutions are designed specifically for the client’s requirements using optimum raw materials subject to rigid testing. This is backed up with technical and commercial advice and on-site assistance.

Pilosio provides:

  • commercial and technical assistance
  • project counselling
  • technical reports and structural tests
  • on-site support
  • planning and the manufacture of special products
  • marketing assistance
  • technical training
  • courses on on-site safety
  • advice on constructing
  • entertainment facilities.


The technical office, the service centre and client support are the core elements of Pilosio, with special attention to research and development of new products and customized solutions.

Pilosio provides its clients in Italy and abroad with high safety standards, quality and customised products. Investment in development, the latest technology and the training of human resources are key factors for Pilosio. Enthusiasm, professionalism, total quality, on-site safety and keen attention to the client’s requirements make Pilosio the company of choice in civil and industrial construction, maintenance and restoration works and facilities for performances and entertainment.

Pilosio Services slabform
CAD Pilosio scaffolding

After sales

Pilosio pays particular attention to customer service and after sales service. Highly qualified commercial and technical staff provide assistance, before and after the sale. The latest generation of software, regularly updated, makes sure products are always managed competently.

The AutoCAD interfaces with the most popular structural test programs to allow the client to create their own estimated budget, a feasibility study, a note, an assembly diagram, a calculation check or a design rendered with Pilosio equipment.


The team in the Pilosio Technical Office work out customised solutions for clients according to their requirements.

The Technical Office staff use state-of-the-art planning programs to deliver a high quality service from budget estimates to feasibility studies, technical reports, calculation checks and site planning. The client’s requirements are paramount throughout each phase of the work.

The team is always up-to-date on the most appropriate solutions for each situation, evaluating the requirements on a case-by-case basis in close cooperation with the client and their technical staff.

Plannin Pilosio

Research & Development

Pilosio’s Research & Development department forecasts and solves all on-site problems by employing new technologies and solutions.
The highly qualified team painstakingly improves all the processes and products, including:

  • on-site safety
  • seeking out alternative materials
  • safety tests,
  • the study of new systems to improve equipment and performance
  • test products and plan the safest
  • cutting-edge solutions.


Our industrial production guarantees accuracy and consistent results. Our carpentry works can carry out special productions and delivers speed and high quality in meeting the Client’s needs. Pilosio’s workforce of qualified technical staff and skilled specialized workers maintains high standards in the industrial processes.

Technology has always been at the forefront of Pilosio’s operation, with excellent computer-based equipment accumulated through innovative, selective investments that provide the client with a competitive service in terms of cost and delivery schedules.

Pilosio’s products are made on-site at its premises in Italy, ensuring Made in Italy excellence through the quality of the raw materials, a vast product range and innovative design.