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The QS system of mobile towers on wheels is the most performing and the excellent solutions for simplifying operations at the job site, working safely and saving time and money.

QS has not been designed only as a mobile tower, but also as a mobile scaffolding system which, with only a few elements, allows creating complex structures and special configurations, perfectly fitting every customer’s needs.
Versatile and safe, it is manufactured using high quality aluminium alloys tested and certified to guarantee high structural and lasting performance.
QS towers are lightweight equipment, extremely quick and intuitive to assemble even by one person, thanks to the QUICK SYSTEM connection hook. Their light weight makes them the solution of choice for all those sectors, such as the restoration, characterized by the presence of female personnel. It is the ideal solution for any industrial maintenance operation, painting and plant engineering in general, both for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Aluminum structural alloy
  • Crossbeam spans of 50 cm (or 25cm for compact model) giving access to the work platform at the appropriate height
  • Uprights: crossbeams, diagonal and horizontal braces, and guardrails in 48mm aluminum tubing
  • Uprights with alternating facet finish
  • Ample stairflights to access work platforms easily even during eventual inspections
  • Robust coupling pins to ensure perfect verticality of uprights and to minimize tower oscillation
  • Fixed or adjustable Wheels, blockable, diameter depending on the tower type, with brake pedal feature in accordance with current legislation
  • Three depths 80, 110 and 140 cm and three lengths 180, 240 and 300 to create a variety of combinations and special structures
  • Telescopic assembly guardrail, to provide maximum safety during installation phase without the use of PPE restraint
  • Possibility to join QS towers with connecting beams to create a system of mobile scaffolding and develop particular layouts