The multidirectional scaffolding is the modern solution that replicates all the flexibility of tube and coupler scaffolding in an industrialised manner.

Due to its characteristics of rapid assembly, great modularity, extreme adaptability and high load-bearing capacity, the MP multidirectional scaffolding is Pilosio’s most flexible system with the greatest possibility of use, even in the most complex situations.

Characteristics of multidirectional scaffolding

Great versatility thanks to the special rosettes welded every 50 cm on the vertical uprights that allow 8 independent connections in 360°.

In addition to the constant distance between the rosettes welded to the uprights, a key feature of the system that ensures speed of assembly is the simple and functional screwless connection based on the wedge-head and rosette system. These features make assembly and disassembly extremely intuitive, simple and safe.

Finish: hot-dip galvanised

When to use a multidirectional scaffolding

A wide range of components and solutions makes it possible to create structures that meet all requirements in terms of design and load capacity. It can be used for maintenance and construction in every sector of activity, such as construction, renovation, infrastructure, petrochemical industry, aero-naval sites, entertainment and many others

  • Service scaffolding for straight or curved façades
  • Service stairs for construction sites or public use
  • Suspended cantilever structures
  • Mezzanines and load castles
  • Shoring structures
  • MP HD high capacity towers and systems
  • Mobile towers on wheels
  • Temporary structures for wharehouses
  • Stages and grandstands
  • Audio-video towers

The high versatility of the system allows numerous advantages for the naval sector, both for construction and maintenance work. The scaffold can be fitted with wheels. The use of brackets makes it possible to work close to the hull of the vessel safely and without any need for invasive fastening.

The high modularity of the multidirectional scaffolding allows the assembly of structures that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the Oil & Gas market: circular scaffolding and suspended structures are particularly easy to build using the MP system.

Multidirectional scaffolding represents a modern, state-of-the-art solution, combining the flexibility of the tube/coupler with rapid installation and a highly professional aesthetic result.