About us

Pilosio is an historic Friulian company founded in 1961 that produces scaffolding, formwork and shoring for construction and maintenance in the construction, infrastructure and entertainment sectors.

Out of the box innovation

Where others see limits, we see challenges and face them with out of the box design with highly skilled engineering competence. We work hard and focus on the essentials to put our design principles into practice – practical solutions thatmeet the scaffolders’ and builders’ needs.

Deliver simple solutions

Simple and intuitive assembly, fast and safe forming operations: we consider solutions to be smart only when formworkers and scaffolders love to use them in their daily work. In addition to equipment, we offer specialized engineering services.

Engineered with Italian passion

Pilosio stands for simple and solid solutions engineered by highly skilled construction experts. With our expertise and passion, we put special attention on the most relevant details of our products and services, which results in the ultimate benefit for our customers.


Future is built on sustainability. As long-term partners for scaffolders and builders we share responsibility for a careful, sustainable use of local and global resources. We believe that every partner in every country must contribute to solve the global ecological challenges. Therefore, Pilosio strives to optimize production processes, minimize pollution, and rationalize energy consumption. We give preference to local suppliers and use only timber from regions where reforestation is certified: Pilosio is fully dedicated to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment.

By doing so we respect the needs of people and contribute to a liveable world.

Pilosio: a brand in evolution

Following the new corporate arrangement of September 2021 and a substantial recapitalization, Pilosio confirms that it is a reality that is always careful to provide a complete service with the utmost attention and assistance to the customer. In the constant search for perfection, it continues to pursue the values that have always distinguished it such as passion, quality, innovation and attention to detail.

With this in mind of improvement, towards ever new challenges, a special Division has been created for the study of rack and pinion lifting systems in order to integrate the current offer with complementary equipment such as the innovative patented FLYDECK intrados plan system which simplifies and makes the installation of suspended structures safer.

Pilosio’s professional experience, which has lasted for more than 60 years, confirms that the winning choice is to constantly invest in the research and development of products and production plants and in the selection of raw materials and staff at all levels.

Pilosio is therefore recognized all over the world as an extraordinarily reliable and extremely attentive partner: it represents a guarantee, for its customers, because it is able to study incredibly efficient solutions for any type of need.