Transport platforms provide an extremely cost-effective and safe vertical access solution. Their versatility allows both people and materials to be transported safely at height. These platforms can be installed both outside buildings and inside, finding use in a wide range of situations, including buildings under construction and industrial maintenance operations.

What are the safety features of transportation platforms?

Pilosio transport platforms are built in accordance with relevant European Standards and follow European Safety Standards.

They can be installed on fixed scaffolding or directly on the facade of the building, allowing landing points to be defined through sliding safety gates. These safety measures prevent the risk of falls when the machine is not present on the floor. The platforms are equipped with a fully protected mounting platform, ensuring extremely safe raising and anchoring operations.

What are the advantages of using a transport platform?

Pilosio transport platforms offer extraordinary flexibility. They can be used on construction sites as well as in industrial maintenance operations.

Their modular design allows great flexibility, with the option of installing the mast either to the left or right in relation to the facade. This versatility makes them suitable for both new construction and renovation work, even in confined spaces such as historical centers or places with space limitations.

Made from hot-dip galvanized materials, these platforms ensure strength and durability, minimizing maintenance requirements and reflecting the quality that has made PILOSIO a trusted name in the industry.