Integrated Policy

Pilosio is attentive to the expectations of its customers and spreads the culture of quality:

  • Ensuring that its activities are carried out in compliance with current laws and voluntary regulations;
  • Involving staff in activities concerning quality, safety and respect for the environment while maintaining active involvement, consultation and participation in actions for improvement;
  • Ensuring open and clear communication, among all employees, in the context of their activity including the communication of roles and responsibilities;
  • Guaranteeing controls, to monitor the quality level of the service and the product supplied, for customer satisfaction;
  • Guaranteeing commitment to acquire the necessary human and instrumental resources in order to achieve the set objectives and increase performance of the processes.
  • Knowing the context in which the company operates and reacting in a controlled manner to changes in it, facing risks and seizing new opportunities;
  • Evaluating the context in which the company operates and reacting in a controlled manner to changes in it, facing risks and seizing new opportunities.

Pilosio is committed to improving:

  • The involvement, proactivity and proactiveness of its employees;
  • The professional growth of its employees and collaborators to create committed and aware people;
  • The standardisation of production and customisation of the proposal with respect to customer requests;
  • The adoption of scientific, technological developments and industry best practices.

What does Pilosio do for the environment and why?

  • It is attentive to safeguarding the environment and for this reason it limits emissions thanks to inverter-driven suction systems and air abatement and purification systems;
  • It plans the maintenance of machinery and is committed to the continuous modernisation of the same in order to reduce energy consumption and waste of resources;
  • It detects and monitors the indicators, searches for innovative solutions of the production system to reduce the production of waste and the environmental impact linked to the life cycle;
  • It trains and informs employees to learn sustainable behaviours.

What does Pilosio do for safety and why?

  • It wants its employees to work in a comfortable and safe environment;
  • It constantly monitors the health and safety aspects of the workplace, for the prevention of injuries and occupational diseases;
  • It identifies and evaluates the existing risks for their abatement;
  • It detects and monitors the indicators for the improvement of aspects relating to safety in the workplace.

Feletto Umberto, 18 Febbraio 2022