• Custom formworks


Special applications

Special applications for special needs, such as pier or pier caps or pillars with particular shapes, the standard P300, MAGNUM or MINIMAG or MAGNUM systems are combined with special customized formworks.

Completely special formworks are designed and manufactured for particular situations. The technical department designs the best solution and the components are completely carried out inside the carpentry department of Pilosio.

In large buildings the stairs are a repetitive element for all floors. By casting the flights a few weeks earlier than the slabs, it is possible to implement the stairs as the construction progresses. Pilosio has developed a special formwork for casting a flight on site which is cast on site during the other stages of work. This way, the stairs are immediately available and usable. The adjustable formwork is suitable for the horizontal implementation of stair flight with rise, tread, number of steps and adjustable width andwith two landings. The formwork consists of a main frame on which the steps complete of devices for the adjustment by screw of the tread
and rise, are placed. It is possible to reduce the number of steps and the width of the structure.

To save costs in the execution of sewage systems of any type of profile, Pilosio has developed a system for casting on site. The system can be of mechanical or hydraulic type and is based on a simple principle.
The formwork complete of hinges lays on a cart. Once the casting of the sewer profile has been carried out, by acting on the contrast screw-down it is possible to shrink the formwork and at the same time to lower it to allow the forward motion of the entire system for the next casting. The sewer profile can have an ovoid, polycentric, vigentino, rectangular, square or circular shape. In polycentric, vigentine and ovoid sewers the dismantling can be performed daily because the profile acts like an arc. The vertical panel of formworks for DOWN excavations can be used as inside formwork, making sure to interpose a sheet of polystyrene and one of PVC between the casting and the shoring panel to facilitate the dismantling.