• Svelt



Modular formworks with variable radius used for curved structures cast on site. The curvature radius of panels can be easily adjusted by using screw adjusters.

The versatility of the SVELT formwork allows carrying out walls with oval or “S” shaped base and even linear walls. The application fields of SVELT formworks are mainly related to large sewage and water treatment plants, but they are also ideal for creating circular silos or piers and also semicircular combined structures in civil construction.
Maximum resistance to the pressure of fresh concrete: 60 kN/m².
Minimum feasible radius:
R= 350 cm with 230-240 cm wide module
R= 250 cm with 119-124 cm wide module
A new panel with variable radius, SVELT M. is available. It is suitable for MINIMAG, and MAGNUM systems and has the same features and performance of the SVELT.

The standard panel with the limited number of contrast tie rods, guarantees the execution of perfectly smooth casting surfaces; on requests, some rubber matrices for special “exposed” details.


  • SVELT modules can be used for single-sided casting.
  • SVELT modules can be combined to a series of Supporting Beams for the implementation of single-sided castings up to 8 m in height. For wall height up to 4 m, vertical wailings and spindle struts allow to contrast fresh concrete pressures up to 50 kN/m².
  • SUPPORTING FRAME 450 are used for a maximum height of 4.5 m.
  • SUPPORTING FRAME 450 + ATTACHABLE FRAME 150 are used for castings with maximum height of 6 m.
  • SUPPORTING FRAME 450 + ATTACHABLE FRAME 150 + ATTACHABLE FRAME 200 are used for castings with maximum height of 8 m.