May 4, 2023

Dynamo: innovative mobile trailer for scaffolding

How does it work?

DYNAMO is an innovative translatable counterweighted platform trailer that can accommodate any type of scaffolding of any brand. It allows performing quick and safe maintenance, restoration and cleaning operations on surfaces, decks of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, and structures of all kinds.

It is a platform trailer without engine with a variable counterweight as needed placed under the chassis and a platform equipped with adjustable chassis frame members and plates for gripping the baseplates. The trailer size is fully customizable as needed.

The DYNAMO mobile trailer for scaffolding is very practical and flexible because it allows creating handy large-scale work platforms or structures that follow the geometric shape of the structure and moving them as the work progresses, without disassembling and reassembling the scaffolding structures.

The work areas can also be created below the road surface with any type of multidirectional scaffolding and pitch and, above all, with whatever geometry is needed to reach the extreme points on bridges, viaducts, and tunnels and generally any work to be served.

The trailer is equipped with parking brakes on all wheels and can be towed by any vehicle on the site, even a forklift or van.

In which situations can I use it?

  • Road maintenance, restoration of bridge decks and abutments, tunnels, viaducts and walls;
  • Renovation work, cleaning and consolidation of walls, tunnels, and cantilever structures;
  • Ideal for both spot interventions and long surfaces.

Why choose the Dynamo mobile scaffolding trailer?

  • The trailer can be towed by any vehicle;
  • When free, it is maneuverable and can be moved even with a forklift;
  • Compared with other movable scaffolding systems, DYNAMO has a higher load capacity and allows creating a large working platform, below road level or otherwise, which is very convenient in case of simultaneous teams working with equipment;
  • The trailer is already counterweighted and there is no need to anchor the scaffolding to the surface to be served;
  • Movement is very smooth;
  • Great stability even for large scaffolding structures due to a very low center of gravity;
  • Any type of scaffolding can be assembled on it;
  • It greatly improves efficiency on the construction site;
  • The space occupied on the ground or on the roadway is equal to the footprint of the trailer;
  • Made in Italy.

Watch Dynamo in action:

Find out more here. And don’t miss the hydraulic version of the Dynamo trailers: Dynamo Plus (available on request)