Flexible, lightweight aluminum frame scaffolding


  • A lightweight aluminum system specifically designed for short-term operations in which the set-up and dismantling operations must be fast, simple and safe.
  • All the aluminum elements of the P.L.A. scaffolding are resistant to corrosion and do not require special maintenance.
  • The lightweight nature of the components means they can be easily handled and shifted, with a consequent reduction in assembly, transformation and disassembly times.
  • The reduced weight also makes it possible to use limited-capacity trucks to transport the scaffolding on site and in busy town centers.
  • The scaffolding can also be used as a mobile tower on wheels in situations requiring speed or extreme flexibility.


  • Simple and fast to assemble as it is easy to handle
  • Stability guaranteed by double-braced guardrail
  • Made up of just a few modular components but also offers a full range of accessories
  • Easily modified for use as a mobile tower

Technical Data

  • High-performance structural aluminum alloy
  • Ø 48 mm aluminum tubes
  • Scaffolding frame uses a pin connection method
  • Galvanized steel or aluminum planks
  • Double structural guardrail (P.L.A.)
  • Bay lengths of 0.80 m, 1.25 m, 2.00 m or 2.50 m
  • Anchors supplied for each 20 m2 structure
  • Class 2 maintenance capacity of 150 kg/m²