H25 Beams


Our patented high-capacity beams solve stacking issues and fatigue when setting up temporary structures but are also suitable in all cases where sturdy, yet lightweight beams are needed.

The h25 lattice beams are available in three versions, both in aluminium and steel:

  • TT: compatible with all major brands of planks on the market;
  • UT reverse: specifically designed to host steel planks with a tube connection on one side and steel planks with a “U” profile connection and a panel stop on the other side.
  • UTL: equipped with a multilayer wood batten on one side. Usable as a complement for propping or to create planked work surfaces.


  • Perfectly coplanar surfaces can be created without limitations using our beams coupled with the appropriate spigots;
  • Much faster assembly operations when used with patented spring pins instead of locking bolts;
  • The reduced weight and compact overall dimensions minimize transportation, handling, and storage costs.