ESP 1000


  • ESP – 1000 is a medium-size job site hoist with a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg.
  • The ESP 1000 was designed and manufactured to combine compact dimensions with a good load capacity. It is the ideal solution for many operations and job sites, including new constructions, renovations, and industrial maintenance, where it is impossible to install a crane for space reasons.
  • The ESP 1000 job site hoist has an ascent speed of 24 m/min, making the transfer of people and materials to the various floors of the building fast and safe.
  • The ESP 1000 construction hoist was designed to make it easy to use thanks to its control panel in the cabin equipped with simple and intuitive ascent and descent controls.
  • The vertical trellises are quickly and safely assembled thanks to a fully protected pull-out platform. The design of the lifting unit was optimized to achieve maximum smooth sliding while ensuring long service life and minor wear and tear of its components.


  • The large loading platform allows for transporting bulky and heavy objects and a large number of people
  • The flap opening system facilitates loading even with forklifts
  • Safe work – the platform is equipped with limit switches that prevent operation with the flaps open
  • Removable wheels for easy movement on flat surfaces
  • 3-sided access for maximum flexibility of use
  • Possibility of using a manual crane to facilitate installation of vertical trellises (optional)
  • It can be installed directly on the building or on scaffolding
  • The use of a hoist greatly facilitates the transportation of goods and people by decreasing the impact of equipment costs on the job site
  • Faster operations due to double transfer speed from one floor to another
  • It is possible to equip the machine with accessories such as a removable protective cover, a basic fence with an access gate, and specific elements for transporting and securing bulky loads.
  • It can be easily handled with forklifts but is also equipped with special hooks for safe lifting with cranes or other lifting equipment.

Technical Data

  • Three-phase power supply: 400V
  • Lifting speed: 24m/min (persons and material)
  • Number and power of motors: 2 x 3kW
Car length (m) 2.0
Car width (m) 1,1
Car height (m) 2,3
Max. load capacity (kg) 1000
Maximum height anchored (m) 150
Anchorages distance (m) 6
Vertical element height (m) 1,5
Vertical element weight (m) 43