EVENT Coverings
Coverings for events


  • Single pitch covering system, practical and easy to be assembled, consisting of modular beam in aluminium and sheet in PVC for entertainment and events.
  • The modular structure of the covering, which can be combined with the MP multidirectional system, is used to fasten the lighting and sound systems and is used as a covering of the stage against the weather.
  • The covering is lifted by a motor winch or manually in case of coverings with small dimensions.
  • The structure with a single pitch can be cantilevered to protect tribunes, flight steps, and stages with the addition of a supplementary beam for the connection to multidirectional wall.


  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Extremely easy handling thanks to the lightweight nature of the components
  • Modularity that allows great flexibility of dimensions
  • Extreme robustness and high load capacity
  • Possibility of creating cantilevered protections
  • The uprights and diagonals are placed in a lower position than the covering to prevent irregularities in the PVC sheet.


Technical Data

  • The main structure consists of modular aluminum beams with single pitch 110 cm height, creating a lattice of
  • 200×250 cm.
  • Stiffening diagonals provided over the entire structure to allow a heavy load capacity of the structure.
  • The beams are equipped with an upper guide profile for housing the PVC sheet.
  • Uprights, diagonals, bracings and stiffening in 48 mm aluminum tube with a unique quick hooking system QUICK SYSTEM that reduces installation time.