• ESI is a medium-light load capacity self-climbing mast work platform with a maximum load capacity of 2800 kg.
  • It is easy to handle, assemble and dismantle.
  • Its use is highly intuitive and simply operates by moving a joystick on the control panel.
  • It is suitable for narrow spaces, historical centers, and small access areas.
  • The platform has a 1.00-meter-wide walking surface: this reduces the space the machine occupies on the job site during transportation and storage while still allowing the operators sufficient area to perform work comfortably and efficiently.
  • The ESI platform is designed for maximum job site efficiency to reduce installation and dismantling time while decreasing costs and increasing productivity.


  • It does not require design for each installation
  • Reduced costs due to machine versatility and single- or dual-column configuration options
  • Safe operation – the machine is fully protected
  • Both materials and personnel can be loaded onto the ESI electric platform, allowing greater efficiency
    and faster execution time
  • The operators work more ergonomically since they can stop the platform at the exact point where they need to work
  • Interchangeable components for optimal equipment management
  • Fewer components to stock, less storage space, and lower transportation costs.
  • It can be easily handled with forklifts but is also equipped with special hooks for safe lifting with cranes or other lifting equipment.

Technical Data

  • Lenght min – max: 7,6m – 26,6m (2,8m – 8.8m single mast version)
  • Max. load capacity: 2800kg (1000kg single mast version)
  • Number and power of motors: 4 x 1,5kW (2 x 1,5kW single mast version)
Max. width (m) 1 + 0,70 standard (1,20 optional)
Lifting speed (m/min) 8
Maximum height anchored (m) 150
Anchorage distance (m) 6
Vertical element height (m) 1,49
Vertical element weight (m) 49
Three-phase power supply (V) 400