Stable Steel Mobile Tower


  • Extremely stable steel mobile tower equipped with a 2.0 square meters platform that allows easy and comfortable movement for two operators and their equipment, the best solution for both outdoor and indoor maintenance work of any kind.
  • Quick to assemble, the BLIZ tower is very sturdy and stable thanks to the reticular parapet that have a structural bracing function and can reach a height of 13.10 meters.
  • The structure is composed of overlapping frames stiffened by the parapet that allow a quick and intuitive assembly.


  • Quick and easy assembly without diagonals
  • Great stability thanks to the bracing parapet equipped with safety lock
  • Three different bases
  • Non-slip incorporate ladder with rangs every 25 cm
  • Assembly and dismantling without tools

Technical Data

  • Base dimensions: 1,20 x 2,00 meters
  • Maximum height: 13,10 meters
  • Load capacity: 200 kg/m2
  • Galvanized steel