A versatile and durable solid scaffolding system


  • Pilosio MP Multidirectional scaffolding is a very flexible system with great modularity and high capacity.
  • Great versatility thanks to rosettes welded to vertical uprights every 50cm that allow 8 independent connections in 360°.
  • The bolt-free connection (wedge-head and rosettes) allows quick, easy and very safe assembly and dismantling.
  • MP system suits a wide range of applications from construction to industrial maintenance, shipyards, entertainment venues, facade applications and restoration.
  • Availability: MP 83-250, MP83-300 and MP 115-250
  • MP scaffolding is certified under European standards EN 12810-1 and EN 12811-1


  • Easy handling
  • Quick and easy assembly with only one hammer and level
  • Enlarged working area width
  • Wide range of system accessories to meet any need
  • Extremely adaptable and robust
  • Flexible angle set up due to small and large connecting openings
  • Wide range of spans available

Technical Data

  • Load capacities:
    • MP 83: 150 daN/m² ;
    • MP 115: 300 daN/m²;
  • Up to 8 ledgers/diagonals per level
  • Height intervals at every 50 cm
  • Steel finishing : hot deep galvanized
  • Steel tubes Ø 48.3 mm with wall thickness 3,2 m for standards and 2.3 mm for diagonals and ledgers