Temporary aluminium roofs


  • BUILDING double-pitch roofs are temporary, lightweight and functional structures to protect any job-site from atmospheric agents and to safeguard the environment from possible dispersion of processing material, increasing the operability and safety of operators.
  • Double-pitch modular structure of aluminium lattice girders of different heights: h=74 cm, h=76 cm and h=120 cm
  • Two inclinations are available: standard 15° and 27.5° required for steeply sloping roofs
  • PVC sheets that slide inside the rails positioned on top of the profiles: T74 with single rail; T76 and T120 with double rail
  • The BUILDING temporary roof can slide on rails to optimize job-site work.
  • It is possible to create temporary warehouses and storage facilities with Building covers and MP Multidirectional scaffolding.


  • Light weight aluminum
  • Easily lifted into place by crane
  • Can be fixed on all types of scaffolding
  • Great modularity of the components
  • Ledgers and braces equipped with quick clamp QUICK SYSTEM for easy and fast assembling that do not require the use of tightening wrench
  • Perfectly tensioned sheet covering
  • Lattice girder with double rails for PVC sheet optimize

Technical Data

  • Standard height of the girders: 74 cm (single PVC sheet rail), 76 cm and 120 cm with double PVC sheet rail
  • Frontal dimensions:
    • from 8.9 m to 26.3 m for T74 and T76 models
    • from 8.9 to 44 m for T120 model
  • Inclination of 15° or 27.5° (for T74 and T76)
  • Connected with double-braced ledger stiffeners at constant intervals of 2.00 and 2.50 m.
  • Tarpaulin in coated polyester PVC measuring 650 g/m2