• Ideal for when there is a need to reinforce slabs, beams or any other structure cast at a height.
  • The use of support towers with high capacities makes even heavy duty loads possible with components of the MP multidirectional scaffolding combined with specialized accessories.
  • Great versatility thanks to rosettes welded to the vertical uprights every 50cm allowing for 8 independent connections in 360°.
  • Each vertical element consists of 4 MP vertical standards connected to each other by double wedge couplers. The legs are connected four by four to build the tower and provided with lower and upper adjustable collars.
  • MP HD towers suit a wide range of reinforcements of slabs and beams of any thickness and can be combined to create towers or walls of any size.


  • Very heavy load capacity
  • Supporting towers can be assembled to great heights
  • Great flexibility achieved with only a small number of basic components
  • Permitted ranges of base plates and head jacks able to cover any height
  • Fast and safe assembly thanks to a combination of light steel modular elements with high-load bearing connection capacities and bolt-free connection
  • Can be completely dismantled
  • Can be used for shoring sloped structures

Technical Data

  • Load capacity: up to 200 kN per leg (max 800 kN for whole tower 1.0 x 1.0 m)