MP Support Structures
Efficient and adaptable scaffold structure


  • Pilosio MP Multidirectional scaffolding is a very flexible system with great modularity and high capacity.
  • Great versatility thanks to rosettes welded to vertical uprights every 50cm that allow 8 independent connections in 360°.
  • The bolt-free connection (wedge-head and rosettes) allows quick, easy and very safe assembly and dismantling.
  • Suitable for the construction of towers with a variety of shapes, heights and capacities according to the project’s need to support any horizontal structure for industrial buildings, bridges and infrastructure.


  • Quick and safe assembly requiring only a hammer and level
  • Flexible. Suits various geometries and height configurations
  • Only a few basic components required for a complete system
  • Easy handling
  • Lifting with crane is possible with application of shifting devices
  • Suitable for creating safe working spaces and platforms for formwork assembly

Technical Data

  • Steel finishing: hot-dip galvanized