• The new FLYRAIL beam in combination with the FLYDECK system remedies one of the biggest problems when erecting structures for bridges and viaducts maintenance: the continuation of the working surface beyond piles and piers without interrupting the roadway with By-bridges or negative platforms.

Patent pending. CE marked


  • Great speed of execution of work (30 to 50 % time save);
  • High safety during erection and dismantling
  • Ease of creating lateral suspended floors at the piers/piles allowing the provisional structure to continue into the next span;
  • Less fatigue for the workers;
  • The FLYRAIL guide can be used with any type of beam.

Technical Data

  • One 5 m piece, or two 2.5 m or three 1.67 m pieces
  • 220 W single-phase electric hoist and control panel